Friday, July 15, 2011

Just Do It

I did something today that I was always taught not to do.  I played outside in the dirt in a dress.  And you know what?  It was AMAZING!  When I was young, the first thing we were told to do when we came home from school was to change clothes.  We were never allowed to play in our "good" clothes. 

Today I came home from a wonderful, productive day.  I looked out at the cucumber garden and it was overgrown with weeds.  Any good gardner knows that the easiest time to pull weeds is after a good rain.  The cool air was calling my name so I kicked off my flip flops, put on my garden clogs and jumped in the dirt.  As I squatted in the garden it began to occur to me why it may not be the best idea but it was too late.  I had already realized that I had broken a cardinal rule and I was energized and envigorated.

How sad is that at 43?  Just do it girls!